Here’s to All of You


Since opening Lorelei Boutique two months ago, I’ve been thinking a lot about the amazing and talented people who helped me realize this dream.

I will always be grateful to my family and friends for surrounding me with your love, support and energy as we worked together to open my store on Oct. 1.

To my dear husband, George, for loving me for 20+ years, being the best friend and “co-tenant” a girl could ask for, and being a wonderful father to our lovely girl. And to our spirited redheaded beauty, Lorelei, for inspiring me every day.

To my dad and mom, Bob and Laurie, for always encouraging me and teaching me to pursue what makes me happy.  I know dad is watching…

To my dear sister and fashion merchandiser extraordinaire, Jani, for trekking to Vegas and helping me pick such lovely merchandise to fill the store.

To our lifelong friends, Julie and Matt, for your constant support and counsel, and to Jule, for your retail expertise and being such a perfect addition to the store.

To another lifelong friend, Nicole, for your gift at finding such beautiful furnishings and styling my boutique so that people feel as if they are shopping in their living room.

To Jodi and Krista for my stunning and elegant logo. You got our siren just right!

To Lou for your friendship and advice in getting me “webbed and socialed out.”

To the many vendors who helped us find and secure the right location, build out the space, and put signs on the place.

To all the brands we’ve selected – we are so happy to have your chic and unique creations in our store.

And to our neighbors in Tempe Square – we love this plaza and are grateful for your support and friendship.

Each day, Lorelei Boutique strives to offer a personalized, meaningful experience as you shop our beautiful, unique women’s clothing and accessories.

Thanks to all of you – familiar and new – for helping us achieve that goal.



Posted on December 7, 2014 .