Staying Stylish No Matter How High Those Temps Get…

By Kayla Bustos

Sometimes when the Arizona heat gets you down, it's hard to avoid throwing on an old pair of shorts and a tank top to run errands, but it doesn't always have to be that way. Most days, I try on at least three outfits because who knows what my day may bring. Luckily, I can stick to a few fun spring items that always keep my outfit light, easy and stylish.

I love to keep a few chambray button-ups in my closet. They pair perfectly with any tank top or summer dress. They are especially great if you don't want your arms exposed to the sun for the entire day. Chambray shirts are a great replacement for denim jackets that are too hot for the Arizona summertime. Conveniently, you can always find different shades and patterns to change up your typical outfit.

Next, I think a little bit of lace or crochet helps to give depth and texture to any outfit. Lace is key for warm days, and I always say less is more. Light lace over the neckline is flattering for everyone and a great complement to the perfect pair of jeans or a chambray button-up. Crochet seems to be back to stay, so try it out with different patterns and colors. It's light and airy, ideal for summer weather.

Now, what would an outfit be without accessories? Sunglasses, a hat and jewelry are key to taking a simple outfit to the next level. It can be fun to keep a couple pairs of your favorite sunnies ready for these never ending sunny days. Why not mix it up with some great colors and different shapes? A comfortable hat is the best kind, and when it's stylish and helps keep you cool, all the better. And, carrying a hat in your car may just save an outfit if your hair has gone by the wayside after a long day!

On to my favorite part of an outfit the jewelry! I always sport a watch, something that I feel ties an outfit together. Staggering simple, elegant gold or silver necklaces over the chest helps to show off a flattering dress or top, and doesn't drag you down when you have a busy day on the go. Never be afraid to mix gold, bronze, silver or rose gold. The best accessories pair well with differing colors and styles. Accessories change an outfit, and the right necklace or bracelet can bring a daytime outfit smoothly into a night on the town.

I love to experiment with color and patterns, and sometimes I fall in love with the most unexpected combinations. Always push your style boundaries!

Posted on May 12, 2015 .