Do you carry your life in your purse?

By Kayla Bustos

We tested out these popular styles to see what we could fit into each!

I decided to dump out (and then organize) the things that were in my purse to determine what size bag really suits me best and to test some of our faves in store for you! Found in my bag: Clinique mascara, MAC lipstick, Baby Lips®, Tide to Go, business card, Melie Bianco wallet, Charlene K 'initial' ring, Michael Kors watch, Gold Bond lotion and sunnies.

My Medium Size Bag

While it’s sometimes hard to find my keys, phone, etc., and unnecessary items end up in the bottom of the bag, I can carry my iPad with room, plus any excess makeup, snacks for the day (a must), water bottle, phone and chargers (too many must haves).

Benefits of Bags Shown

Tote: Can carry a laptop, wallet/clutch, chargers, snacks, extra clothes and anything you may need for a getaway with ease! Contains at least one smaller pocket for the extra special keys or phone that are a must.

Double Handle: Fastens shut at the top and can carry an iPad, chargers, wallet/clutch, snacks, everyday essentials (as included in my purse).

Clutch: Only the bare minimum! Lip gloss, phone, cash and cards are about all that will make it in there. Perfect for a night on the town.

Satchel: Lies perfectly across your body without hindering your outfit. Ideal for those forgetful people (me) who set things down and forget about them, this won't leave your side. Can carry a phone, keys, small wallet, lip gloss and phone charger.

Bucket: Easily the purse of the summer. Can carry a phone, small wallet, sunscreen, shades, bikini (yay summer!) and has a drawstring to pull it shut. And if it's filling up quickly, don't forget the outside pockets for extra space.

Frame: This structured bag offers a bit more room and a much more sophisticated look as a cross-body. Can carry a phone, wallet, charger, makeup and maybe a snack or two.

With all that in you need to upsize or downsize your bag? Or, even better, how about selecting a couple styles to manage what any day may bring!


Posted on July 28, 2015 .